Ingredients for 2 serves
  • 2 portions of salmon fillet
  • 1 bunch of thyme
  • 2 spring onions
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 g salt
  • 3 ml vinegar
  • 5 g sugar

For the vinegar-marinated grapes

  • 10 grapes
  • 100 ml vinegar

For the citrus sauce

  • 200 ml orange juice
  • 50 ml clementine juice
  • 20 ml lime juice
  • 50 g sugar
  • 5 g Xanthan gum

Preheat a frying pan, add baking paper and a sprig of thyme.

Drizzle with oil and sear the salmon skin-side down on baking paper in the frying pan to form a crust.

Finish cooking the salmon in a preheated oven at 180°C for 8 minutes.

Marinate the spring onions in the zest of 1 lemon, its juice, salt, sugar, oil and vinegar for 2 minutes.

Put them in a hot frying pan with the marinade.

Cook until the spring onions are caramelised.

Halve the grapes.

Marinate the grapes in vinegar for 1 hour.

Cook the grapes in a frying pan.

Warm the freshly squeezed orange juice, clementine juice and lime juice in a pan.

Leave to cool.

Blend with the Xanthan gum.

Place the citrus sauce on a plate.

Place the spring onions and grapes on the side.

Place the salmon with the crispy skin upward on the sauce.

Garnish with herbs.

Enjoy it’s from Europe!

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