Terra Orti is a cooperative society founded in 1999 which brings together about 120 members located in various Italian regions. The agricultural businesses that are members of Terra Orti offer a wide and varied range of seasonal fruit and vegetables on the international market. Adult and cut salads (particularly those intended for fourth range products), spinach, spinach beet, fennel, cabbage, artichokes, watermelons, melons, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, tomatoes intended for industrial processing and courgettes are among the most important crops of the farms that are members of Terra Orti. Some products are organic or have a quality label, such as the Artichoke of Paestum IGP and the Rocket of Piana del Sele IGP. Terra Orti also promotes research projects aimed at protecting the soil and the environment and preserving the biodiversity of the land.

Terra Orti’s purpose is to improve the quality of fruit and vegetables as well as to promote the use of cultivation practices and production and waste management techniques that protect the environment and promote biodiversity.


Organizzazione di Produttori TERRA ORTI Società cooperativa – Via Bagnolo San Vito – 84025 Eboli (SA)

Phone: +39 0828 601213
Fax: +39 0828 600103
Web Site: https://www.terraorti.it/